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Kasteel Well Video Project: “Okay” by Barefoot Truth

When I left Boston to live in the Europe for 3 months, I knew I wanted to come home with something special and different to remember my travels by.  Seeing as music has such an impact on my life, I decided to create a music video while I was gone.  I wanted to pick a song that I felt would make me smile every time I had to sing it while recording, every time I had to listen to it while editing and most importantly every time I watched it after it was done.

I eventually chose the song “Okay” by Barefoot Truth.  As one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands, I felt that it was an appropriate song that would fit the tone of my adventures.  Barefoot Truth played their final run of shows in November and I thought this would be another way to help keep their music alive even after they’ve finished touring.  Their music always brightens up my day, so I hope it will do the same for you!

Some fun facts about the video:

  • Shot in 12 different countries in Europe over 90 days
  • Highest Altitude: 506 m (1660 ft)
  • Lowest Elevation: -130 m (-425 ft)
  • Shot in the Vatican City State during a period of sede vacante
  • Modes of transportation used:
    • Plane
    • Train
    • Tram
    • Subway
    • Boat
    • Dogsled
    • Bus

Special thanks to Andi Braica, Allie Altman, Daniel Orentlicher, Annie Lefley, Xandra Fileccia, Jamie Ahlborn, Grant Mueller, and Ally Levitt for holding the camera for me as we travelled; and to Barefoot Truth for letting me use their music in the video!

For more information about Barefoot Truth, visit their website:

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it!