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“Hurry Up and Waite” – a 48 Hour Film Project

  • July 20, 2013
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48 Hour Film ProjectLast weekend, I took part in my second 48 Hour Film Project of 2013 this time competing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I was a bit nervous entering the weekend as I was the only person on our team that had done the 48HFP before, and none of our crew had worked together on a film before. Not to mention we were all in an unfamiliar area with very little resources and even less connections. However our team came together over the daunting challenge before us and we ended up being the first team in line to hand in our completed film which was entitled “Hurry Up and Waite”. Our team name for Albuquerque was “You Call THIS Dinner?” which drew many laughs at the kickoff meeting and a shout-out from 48HFP Executive Producer & Co-Founder Liz Langston.

For those of you not familiar with the 48HFP, it’s an international filmmaking competition that puts your filmmaking skills (and sanity) to the test as you are challenged to make a film in less than 48 hours. Teams arrive at the kickoff meeting on Friday night and each team pulls a genre out of a hat. In Albuquerque, our team drew “Crime/Gangster” for our genre. After everyone has pulled their genres, the team leaders anxiously wait for the clock to hit seven when the required elements are announced. Every city receives a character, prop & line of dialogue that each team must also include in their film. The criteria we had to include were: character – Rosalie or Roman Rodriguez; prop – a map; line of dialogue – “Oh, you’re so smart.”

Editing "Hurry Up and Waite" in the car to Albuquerque

Editing “Hurry Up and Waite” in the car to Albuquerque

I planned to be the producer and editor on this film and in true 48HFP fashion, ended up doing so much more. The 48HFP can be a lot of fun with such a small crew & time constraints because everyone ends up shuffling jobs around in order to get the film done. Our script called for more actors so our planned director ended up being one of our main actors, which left Lyndsay and I behind the camera to direct. Well at least until I end up being thrown in front of the camera dressed as a cowboy for a scene. In just a few minutes on set, you can hit almost every job available!

This was my fourth 48HFP in three years and I highly doubt it will be my last. I’m looking forward to many more sleepless weekends in the name of filmmaking!

For more information about the 48 Hour Film Project:

Hope you enjoy it!