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“Snow Day” heads to Best of Boston 48HFP

48 Hour Film Project LogoI’m extremely excited that our film “Snow Day” that we created for the Boston 48 Hour Film Project is heading to the Best of the Boston 48 Hour Film Project Screening! The screening will be held at Kendall Square Cinema on June 16th at 7:30pm. After the screening, they’ll announce all of the winners for the judges’ awards including Best Film. This was my 7th 48HFP and this is my first time moving on to the Best Of screening. Out of the roughly 80 teams competed in Boston this year, the films below will be screened at the Best Of next year.

  • “April Fool” by Brainfox/In the Car
  • “Cereal Delirium” by Self-Implode
  • “Ducks” by One Man Show
  • “The Fable of the Foxes” by Wax Idiotical Films
  • “Filthy Animal” by Allston River Rats
  • “Lacrimosa” by Rascal Stray
  • “El Loco Nihilismo” by The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library
  • “Love Unlocked” by Donut Pirates
  • “Midnight Rebel” by Good Natured Dog
  • “Salad Days Are Over” by Team Otis
  • “Snow Day” by Weekend Warriors
  • “Swish: The Wishing Story” by Pica Films
  • “That’s a Rapp” by Hoover Products
  • “Worst of Friends” by Pelham Productions
  • “xeroxoxo” by Sparkle Motion Pictures
  • “You Wish” by Crazed Weasel Entertainment