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Kasteel Well Spring 2013 presents…!

I’m very happy to announce the release of a special project we’ve been working on!  Kasteel Well Spring 2013 presents: “Life’s A Happy Song” from The Muppets (2011)!

I took the helm directing & editing the music video, but was it was not possible without Annie Lefley who created all of the choreography & all of the graphics in the video.  Without her help, I would probably be sitting in a corner wishing we had finished the video.  A special thanks to everyone that helped with the project – it would not be here without you!

I hope you will enjoy this as much as we do!

“Life’s A Happy Song” – Kasteel Well Spring 2013 from Brandon Cardwell on Vimeo.

Directed by: Brandon Cardwell
Choreographed by: Annie Lefley

Edited by: Brandon Cardwell
Graphics by: Annie Lefley
Color Correction by: Daniel Orentlicher

Production Assistants:
Jamie Ahlborn, Kathy Collins, Rebecca Contreras and Courtney Tharp

Mark Wolf Roberts
Kai Tshikosi

With Appearances by (in order of appearance):
Robbert van Helsdingen, Rob Dückers, Dojna Krecu, Karen Lindsey, Yanto Neijenhuis, Nellie Neijenhuis, Stephan Neijenhuis, Nicky Theeuwen, Huber Simons, Christine Cornellisen, Marjan Koppes, Til Lamberts, Win Apon, Sjaak Eijckmans, Jack Jansen, René Pijls, Johnny Hermsen, Chester Lee, Dulcia Meijers, M. Lee Pelton and John Barbetta

Jamie Ahlborn, Allie Altman, Katherine Anderson, Amelia Ariel, Ripley Barnes, Andi Braica, Julianna Buck, Brandon Cardwell, Cerise Castle, Celina Colby, Kathy Collins, Rebecca Contreras, Renee Deschene, Ali Dokus, Jordan Edwards, Irene Fagan, Alexandra Fileccia, Hayley Garden, Esther Glasionov, Kelsie Greene, Laurel Heenan, Jenni Heller, Leah Hodge, James Houseman, Jake Humphrey, Megan Kipperman, Griffin Lane, Annie Lefley, Ally Levitt, Jamie Kaplan, Claudia Mak, Jordan Matayoshi, Sarah Metcalf, Janine Moody, Leigha Morris, Grant Mueller, Ashley Newman, Megan Nicholson, Reid Niskala, Dan Orentlicher, Jackie Pauley, Margaret Poydock, Mary Quigley, Chloe Reuland, Harrison Richlin, Alicia Rodriguez, Julian Rome, Dan Salerno, Lauren Scovel, Mara Shuster-Lefkowitz, Emily Smith, Sara Smith, Alex Stills, Courtney Tharp, Carlyle Thomes, Norma Torrey, Beth Treffeisen, Nancy Valev, Emily Yumkas and Brian Zanghi