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“Dreaming of Boston” released!

"Dreaming Of Boston" Album Cover

I’m very excited to announce that Marissa Fritz officially has released her debut album “Dreaming of Boston” today!  Marissa and I started working on this album over a year and a half ago – recording on weekends or between classes when we had some free time and access to equipment.  This was such a interesting creative process as we took her songs and built them up into what you hear on the album.  This was my first real dive into studio recording as well as Marissa’s first time recording any of her material.  We had quite the learning curve as we experimented with new techniques and arrangements, but I think all of our hard work paid off.

Marissa wrote all of the songs on the album and I produced the record.  I felt my role for this project was to try to bring some variety into the music because a lot of Marissa’s songs sounded very similar.  So to try to break up the album a little bit, I added some additional instruments on my own and also brought in a few friends to play on the record.  I am still having trouble picking my favorite song on the album because there are so many different memories attached to each of them from this long process.  “Quiet” was one of my favorites to put together because we kept experimenting and I think it really came out special – especially the vocals at 2:27 – I get the chills every time.

I hope you take a little bit of time to listen to the album!  You can listen to it on Soundcloud, and the download link is here:  So feel free to download it & share it with your friends.  If you like it, head over and like Marissa’s Facebook page to stay up to date on new recordings!