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2013: A Year in Review

To say 2013 was an interesting year for me would be an understatement. I spent the year living in 3 states and 2 countries, met many wonderful people along the way, and had the opportunity to work on several projects around the world. This post is my year in review as told by these projects.
Here’s to a prosperous and eventful 2014!

January – April
During my 3 months living at Kasteel Well in the Netherlands, I produced several videos.  One of which was the semester-recap video which was shown at the final banquet.  This was the one video I was paid to do as my job at the castle, but that wasn’t enough for me as I made 2 other videos.

“Life’s A Happy Song” was a music video shot at the castle which featured over half of the students in the program as well as most of the faculty & staff as well as some of the locals.

“Okay” was my way of documenting my travels around Europe.  I shot the video in 12 different countries over my time there and cut it all together as one piece.

The night before our required excursion to Madrid I was up late waiting for footage to transfer via DropBox. My quidditch team back in Boston was making a video to help them get to the World Cup in Florida so I volunteered to help them edit – even though I was 3,000 miles away. I kept editing in new footage as it downloaded and finished with less than an hour before the bus left for the airport. Took quick nap while it uploaded back to Boston and then slept the whole trip to Madrid.

I had shot a concert in late 2012 for Boston-based vocal group Five O’Clock Shadow because they wanted a new promotional video. I was one of 2 videographers for the show at the Amazing Things Arts Center in Framingham, MA. The final promo was released in April.

The 2013 Boston 48 Hour Film Project! We drew our genre (superhero) and received our character (Bonnie or Brian Higgins, inventor), prop (a net), and line of dialogue (“Believe me, it’s worth it.”) and off we went! It is always interesting to see what we come up with in such a short amount of time and this was no exception. We decided to think of who could be the worst superhero ever and the result was Bananaman.

Camp Carpenter Cub World in Manchester, NH released its newest promotional video. I was the Assistant Director/Camera Operator during the week we spent shooting at the camp in the summer of 2012. This shoot seemed to include everything: GoPro cameras stuck everywhere we could, shooting from kayaks and rowboats, and even shooting from a 100-foot firetruck tower.

I spent the summer working as Lead Videographer at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, NM. Over the summer we created several new promotional videos to better market the Ranch as well as to commemorate Philmont’s 75th anniversary. A couple highlights were shooting in a former gold mine and dangling off a cliff with the camera around my neck to shoot scouts rock climbing.

A few of us in New Mexico thought it would be a good idea to participate in the 2013 Albuquerque 48 Hour Film Project even though we were almost 4 hours from the city. It was a definite challenge due to our lack of resources, but we managed to be the first team to turn in a finished film! Our film is entitled “Hurry Up and Waite” and our criteria were: genre (crime/gangster), character (Rosalie or Roman Rodriguez, tightwad), prop (a map), and line of dialogue (“Oh, you’re so smart.”).

I helped my friend Darian shoot a concert for a Berklee College of Music student Sırma. This was one of the songs released from that night’s show. Shot at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston, MA overlooking Boston Harbor.

December marked the release of “Play Me, I’m Boston’s” which was a music medley of Bostonian songs performed on all 75 street pianos installed around Boston, MA in the fall of 2013. The project was definitely a test of endurance as we spent a weekend running around the city with our equipment in hand to visit each piano.

The final project of the year involved filming a marriage proposal at a concert for Boston-based A Cappella group Overboard on New Year’s Eve. The venue was absolutely beautiful as it overlooked the Atlantic Ocean, but unfortunately they drew the blinds for the evening show. The proposal was wonderfully executed as Caleb’s other group joined Overboard onstage to surprise and serenade the lucky lady. Congratulations to Caleb and Charlotte!